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Ready to Invest? Start With These Four Foundational Steps

Picture this: You’ve just graduated college and received your first '“big-kid” job. You have about $20 in your name. Although it is a new concept, with a new job comes new responsibility, and you decide you should probably be more mindful about your spending (and saving) habits. But how do you start?

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Investing 101: How Dividends Work

A dividend is when a publicly listed company pays out a portion of earnings to shareholders. These can be paid out in cash or given as additional stock. These are given out to reward investors for entrusting their money with the company.

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Financial Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are all about getting little prizes over the course of a few days or weeks with the end goal of celebrating a larger event on the last day. Your financial health should feel exactly like that. Taking small, intentional steps toward your larger goals will help you achieve them faster and feel good along the way.

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How to Make the Most of a Windfall

Many people dream of one day receiving a considerable sum of money, whether through a large inheritance, winning the lottery, or selling their business or home. Whether the windfall is expected or not, without a plan, coming into a lump sum of money can be overwhelming at first and emotionally draining once the dust settles.

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Creative Strategies for Homebuyers in a Competitive Market

In today's challenging real estate market, prospective homebuyers face stiff competition and rising costs. However, there are creative ways to navigate these hurdles and secure your dream home, second home, or investment property. Here are nine strategies to consider that can make a significant difference in your home-buying journey.

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Retire Early With the Rule of 55

Taking a distribution from a tax-qualified retirement plan, like a 401(k) before age 59.5, is generally subject to a 10% penalty for early withdrawal. The exceptions to paying this 10% penalty are: • Hardship distributions • Rule of 55 Are you familiar with how the Rule of 55 works? If you want to retire early, this blog post is significant for you.

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2023 Grant Recipient

Oregon Energy Fund

In an exciting development, Rivermark Community Fund has increased its 2023 grant by $5,000 to donate a total of $25,000 to Community Roots Collaborative (C-Roots). C-Roots is a commendable non-profit that focuses on creating affordable housing and empowering individuals to overcome homelessness. The donation from Rivermark will directly aid in developing the kitchen and communal area of C-Roots' new O-street complex of tiny homes, aligning perfectly with Rivermark's mission to support affordable housing solutions.

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Student Loan Payments Resume

Most federal student loan payments and interest have been suspended since March 2020. After numerous extensions and introduction of a federal student loan forgiveness that was blocked by the Supreme Court as of June 30, 2023, student loan interest resumes on September 1, 2023, and payments will resume starting in October.

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