Major Purchases

Major purchases are just that…’major’. They’re usually expensive, and can easily take too big of a bite out of your budget if you’re not careful. Before you dive head-first into your purchase, take a look below to see how you can make your savings plan and spend smart.

  • Buying a Vehicle: Get tips on how to avoid financing pitfalls and find the right car for your budget and lifestyle.
  • Buy Your First Home: Learn how to find the perfect home for your budget, what your expenses are likely to be, and how to build those costs into your budget.
  • Buy Your Next Home: From balancing two mortgages to securing your financing, learn all the ins and outs of being both a home buyer and seller.
  • Remodel Your Home: Read all about how to pay for the remodel, and how not to have overspent once the dust settles (literally).
  • Plan for the Holidays: Entertaining, gift giving, and unexpected expenses can all put a strain on your finances, but we’ve compiled some strategies to help you side-step these budget-busters.  
  • Take a Vacation: From selecting the right destination, to getting the entire family involved in saving—we’ve pulled together some great information to get you on the road to your dream vacation.



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