Life Events

When you have something big on the horizon—like going to college or getting married—excitement can give way to anxiety. So much to prepare for! It can be overwhelming, so we put together some information for you on how to keep your finances in order while you get ready for the big change.

Going to College: Learn some tips and tricks for how to save for school, and spend wisely once you get there.

Sending a Child to College: Whether your child is 18 or 18 months, learn how to prepare for (and in some cases reduce) the cost of college.

Getting Married: Get the scoop on how to strengthen your finances, up to and after your ‘I Dos’. 

Starting a Family: We can’t prepare you for the sleep deprivation, but we can give you some tips on how to prepare for the financial impact of your new little bundle.

Changing Careers: Before you take the plunge, understand the financial ramifications that come along for the ride. 

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