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Wire Transfers

Wire Transfer Benefits:

Save a trip to the branch by electronically transferring money to or from your Rivermark account.

  • Quickly move money between financial institutions.
  • Complete a transfer at a branch, over the phone* or through Video Banking.
  • Send wire transfers domestically.
  • Receive domestic and international wire transfers.

*Phone wire transfer limit of $25,000 applies.

How to Get Started:

Make sure you have the following information for both sending or receiving a wire transfer:

  1. Transit Routing Number: 323076012
  2. Institution Address: Rivermark Community Credit Union, 9125 SW Gemini Dr #100 Beaverton OR, 97008
  3. Full name of the person or business as they appear on the account
  4. The account number
  5. The physical address of the recipient

What is a wire transfer?
The term “wire transfer” is often used to refer to any electronic transfer of money from one person to another. The term “wire transfer” also has a more narrow technical meaning, referring to one certain method of transferring funds, which usually involves an electronic transfer of funds from one bank or credit union account to another.

Rivermark provides domestic wire transfers for members, but does not offer international wire transfers.

How long does it take for a wire to be transferred?
Outgoing domestic wires instructions received Monday-Friday by 2:00pm via phone and 2:45pm in the branch are processed the same day. Incoming wires are posted by 4:30pm Monday-Friday.

How can I avoid having my wire transfer returned?
Provide the sender with all necessary information and names exactly as they appear on accounts.

Will I need a swift code for an incoming international transfer?
No, you will only need the Rivermark routing number: 323076012. All international wires must come from a United States based financial institution.

Is there a fee for receiving a wire transfer?
Yes, there is an $8 fee per wire transfer received, and a $20 fee per outgoing wire transfer.

Can I send an outgoing international transfer?
Rivermark does not offer out going international wires transfers. All incoming wire transfers must come from a US-based financial institution.