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Fund an Account

Rivermark takes the work out of funding your new or existing Rivermark account from anywhere. For example, with Online Banking and Mobile Banking, you can move money from another financial institution to your Rivermark savings account with just a few clicks, or even give yourself a cash advance using your Rivermark credit card.

Transfer funds from:

  • Accounts from another financial institution
  • Visa or Mastercard

It's Easy

Step 1: Choose Fund An Account from the Move Money drop-down in Online Banking.

Step 2: Choose which membership you'd like to fund an account on. 

Step 3: Choose where you'd like the money deposited to. Enter the total amount and the destination where the money is originating. 

Step 4: Choose to have the funds transferred now, later or set it up as a reoccurring event that you can change anytime.

Note: To fund an account from an existing Rivermark account, please use the Make a Transfer functionality.