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Desktop Banking

Rivermark Online Banking and Mobile Banking give you all the tools you need to fully manage your money, whether you’re at home, waiting in line, or taking the kids to practice. View balances and account history, transfer money between accounts, and get secure, real-time access to your accounts from anywhere.

Person to Person Payments

Need to reimburse a friend for dinner? Pay rent? Send money to a relative? Quickly and easily send a payment to or request money from anyone with an email address or mobile phone number. Get started.  

Individual Login

Conveniently manage all your memberships and accounts with one easy login. Joint owners can create their own username and password.  

Account Alerts

Receive automatic email or text banking alerts. Set alerts for low/high balance, large withdrawal/deposit, balance updates, check clearing, loan payment reminders or custom reminders. 

FinanceWorks Money Management

FinanceWorks is money management software built into Online Banking. Analyze your spending, set budget goals, get email alerts and see all accounts (even from other financial institutions!) all in one place. Get Started

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