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Q: What is the Rivermark Community Fund?

A: The Rivermark Community Fund is a charitable endowment established by Rivermark Community Credit Union through the Oregon Community Foundation. Its purpose is to strengthen the economic vitality of our region by supporting nonprofits that encourage innovation, mentor emerging entrepreneurs, and help local small businesses grow.

Q: What is the Oregon Community Foundation?
A: The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) exists to improve life for all Oregonians through the power of philanthropy. OCF works with individuals, families, businesses and organizations to create charitable funds that support the community causes they care about. For more information about OCF, visit

Q: Why did Rivermark establish the Rivermark Community Fund?
A: We believe entrepreneurs and small businesses are the lifeline of our growing regional economy. When they thrive, everyone benefits. By establishing the Rivermark Community Fund, we are making a significant and long-term commitment to invest in the economic vitality of our region and help extend the benefits of prosperity to the communities in which our members live and work.

Q: When was the Rivermark Community Fund established?
A: The Rivermark Community Fund was established in February 2016, with an initial investment of $100,000 from Rivermark Community Credit Union. Our goal is for the fund to reach $1 million in assets through direct credit union contributions, as well as tax-deductible donations from staff and members.

Q: How will the Rivermark Community Fund benefit local communities?
A: When a community supports small businesses, those businesses flourish and invest back into the very communities that support them. They create good-paying jobs, boost the local economy, fund charitable organizations, build local partnerships, and much more—all of which make our community stronger. By investing in business-focused nonprofits that support small business growth and entrepreneurship, the Rivermark Community Fund is helping create the building blocks of a stronger, more prosperous region for generations to come.

Q: What types of organizations will the Rivermark Community Fund support?
A: As a charitable endowment of the Oregon Community Foundation, the Rivermark Community Fund will provide grants to nonprofit organizations that contribute to local entrepreneurship, small business growth and economic opportunity for all.

Q: Why should someone consider contributing to the Rivermark Community Fund?
A: When you donate to the Rivermark Community Fund, you’re giving back to your community. Below are just a few of the great reasons we hope members of the Rivermark family will support the fund:

  • Help us make a difference. The fund will support outstanding organizations making a difference in our community. We encourage you to watch this video about our first grant recipient, TiE Oregon, and its positive impact on promising high school students.
  • Invest in the future. When you donate to the Rivermark Community Fund, you’re investing in the future prosperity of your community. As our region continues to grow, job creation will need to keep pace to ensure more people experience the benefits of living, working and raising a family in Portland and beyond. The fund exists to support entrepreneurship and small businesses, which drive local job growth and enhance our quality of life.
  • Support local businesses. Oregonians take pride in our local businesses, and we value and reward homegrown entrepreneurs and startups. The Rivermark Community Fund gives our staff, members and neighbors an opportunity to directly support businesses that are connected to their local community and contribute to its prosperity.
  • Greater participation will mean bigger impact. The more money we raise for the fund, the more significant, long-term impact we can make across our region. To reach our goal of $1 million in assets, Rivermark will set aside a portion of our budgeted earnings for the fund, as well as encourage individual contributions from staff and members. We’ll also develop creative and engaging give-back initiatives, like our Shop Small, Give Big campaign.
  • Reduce your tax bill. Contributions to the Rivermark Community Fund are always tax-deductible, which means you can support your local community while reducing your overall tax bill.

Q: How do I make a donation to the Community Fund?
A: To learn more about the Rivermark Community Fund, including how make a tax-deductible contribution online, please visit


Introducing the Rivermark Community Fund
Building Oregon's future through grants that encourage local entrepreneurship and small business growth.