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Business Lines of Credit

Working capital when you need it

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Line of Credit 

A Rivermark business line of credit provides easy access to the capital you need when you need it most. Specifically designed to fuel business expansion, smooth cash flow, and manage business operations, inventory, and accounts receivable. We offer lines of credit based on the size of financing you need:

  • Business Lines of Credit for lines of $50,000 or less
  • Commercial Lines of Credit for lines of $50,001 or more

If you're interested in applying for a line of credit, please make an appointment or contact us.

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Line of Credit Features

  • Variable interest rates
  • Revolving credit limit
  • Monthly payment based on balance
  • Unsecured and secured loan options
  • Collateral typically includes real estate and other business assets

Line of Credit Benefits

  • Improved cash flow management
  • Lower monthly payment than credit cards
  • Draw funds directly into checking account
  • Have funds available whenever you need it
  • Ability to repay and borrow as needed