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Innovative Branch Experience

Happy Valley branch interior.

Personal Teller Kiosks are innovative kiosks designed to meet the needs of our busy members, who seek extended hours, faster transaction times and enhanced privacy. Personal Teller Kiosks blend today’s state-of-the-art video technology with a powerful human touch to ensure a more relevant and meaningful experience.

Personal Teller Kiosk Benefits

  • Extended hours: Live, face-to-face teller services from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM.
  • Faster transaction times.
  • Perform multiple transactions in one session.
  • More privacy - The kiosks are designed to allow members to customize their privacy setting by speaking normally and adjusting the sound system as needed. You can also plug in your own ear buds or chat privately using the digital keyboard that will appear on screen.

Here are Just a Few of the Things You Can Do at a Kiosk:

PTK Features

You Can Find Personal Teller Kiosks at the Following Locations: 

Hawthorne: Walk-Up and Drive-up

Happy Valley: Member Resource Center

Progress Ridge: Member Resource Center

Gresham: Member Resource Center

Cedar Hills: Member Resource Center

Tualatin: Member Resource Center

Hollywood: Member Resource Center

Vancouver: Walk-Up

The Dalles: Drive-Up

Beaverton: Drive-up

Newberg: Stand-Alone Kiosk