Couple holding the keys to a home that they just bought.

The current housing market might make it easier to sell a house in most neighborhoods, but there are still ways to expedite the sale of your home. Give these tips a try, and most experts agree you’ll have an easier time making a sale. 

Price it Right: 

The better the price the faster your home will sell. A real estate agent who knows your neighborhood can help you price your home for a quick sale or best price possible.

Be Neat and Tidy: 

Of course, you’ll want to keep your home as clean as possible for open house events as well as any showings, but you’ll also want to declutter. By removing and boxing up knickknacks and stacks of books, you can make your home appear to be more spacious and cleaner. Plus, it will be easier to tidy right before a showing if there are not as many items around to dust and straighten up. Places to watch include kitchen countertops, fireplace mantels, and coffee tables where remote controls and other paperwork can accumulate.

It's all about the Kitchen: 

Nearly all home sales begin and end with the kitchen. It might not be necessary to remodel the kitchen to sell your home, but installing space-saving drawer inserts, cleaning cabinet doors, and polishing countertops can help. Clean out drawers and remove most of your kitchen gadgets to showcase storage and countertop space.

Don’t Forget the Windows: 

For some buyers, clean windows are a sign that a home has been well cared for over the years.

Clean Out Your Closets: 

Yes, you want to use your closets as intended, but removing half or more of the coats, clothes, and other items can make your home appear larger and easier to manage.

Think About Flow:

 Help potential buyers move through your home more easily by rearranging furniture. Additionally, consider moving larger items, such as oversize couches, into storage. 

Set Up Your Dining Room Table: 

To show potential buyers just how welcoming your home can be, put out a few good placemats, add some seasonal decorations, and maybe lay out your good plates and flatware. However, be careful not to overdo it.

Get Fresh: 

Flowers and lush houseplants can add warmth to your home and help buyers see the potential.

Don’t Get Personal: 

Buyers want to see themselves in their future home. They’ll have a hard time doing that if the home they are viewing is packed wall-to-wall with pictures of your dog, kids, grandkids, or family vacations. Taking down most of your personal items can help.

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