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In today's challenging real estate market, prospective homebuyers face stiff competition and rising costs. However, there are creative ways to navigate these hurdles and secure your dream home, second home, or investment property. Here are nine strategies to consider that can make a significant difference in your home-buying journey:

  1. Seller Concessions: Don't hesitate to ask sellers for concessions to help cover your closing costs and escrow reserves. This can ease your financial burden during the transaction.
  2. Borrow from Equity: If you own a home, consider tapping into its equity to fund your down payment and closing costs. Options like refinancing or taking out a home equity loan can provide the necessary funds.
  3. Escalation Clause: Work closely with your realtor to include an escalation clause in your offer. This can help your bid stand out in multiple offer situations by automatically increasing your offer amount to surpass competing offers.
  4. Buying Points: Discuss the possibility of buying points with your lender. This upfront investment can reduce your interest rate and lower your monthly principal and interest payments over the life of your mortgage.
  5. Rent-Back Option: Negotiate a rent-back option with the seller. This arrangement allows you to stay in your current residence for a period after closing, giving you more time to move.
  6. 401k Loan: Consider taking out a loan against your 401k for your down payment and closing costs. Be sure to understand the terms and implications before proceeding.
  7. Low-Down Payment Programs: First-time homebuyers should explore no-down payment and low-down payment programs. Many government-backed loans and assistance programs can help reduce your upfront costs.
  8. Credit Union Referrals: Reach out to your credit union for real estate broker referrals. Working with an experienced and trustworthy real estate agent can be invaluable in navigating a competitive market.
  9. Gift Funds or Equity: Explore the possibility of using gift funds or gift equity from family members to cover your down payment. Ensure you meet the lender's requirements for documenting these funds.

In conclusion, purchasing a home in a challenging market requires creativity and strategic thinking. By leveraging these approaches, you can enhance your chances of securing your purchase while managing the financial aspects of the transaction. Stay informed, work with experienced professionals, and be bold while exploring these options to make your home-buying journey successful.

About the Authors:

Peter Fisher is the founding partner and CEO of Human Investing, an Oregon headquartered, employee-owned financial management company. Dr. Fisher’s research focuses on consumer financial literacy and behavior. He is the author of Becoming a 401(k) Millionaire (2018), and his doctoral dissertation is titled Financial Literacy and Behavior in Credit Unions.

Joel Jenkins is an experienced mortgage loan officer with Rivermark Community Credit Union with 20+ years experience serving our communities in Oregon and Washington. Meet the Team: Joel Jenkins | Rivermark Community Credit Union (

This article is provided by Human Investing.

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