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Improvements to our Overdraft Protection Program

At Rivermark, members come first. Always have and always will.  That’s because members are owners. And because there's no one else to serve, you can count on us to put your financial interests at the center of everything we do.  For decades, thousands of Oregon and Southwest Washington members have depended on Rivermark for high quality and low-cost financial services and trusted advice.

As part of our mission of service, we continuously ask for and listen to member feedback. In response to your feedback, we have made the following improvements to our overdraft protection program. These changes will reduce the cost of mistakenly overdrawing your account and will take effect on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

  1. Overdraft Transfer Fee

    We are eliminating the $5 Overdraft Transfer Fee. An overdraft transfer occurs when there is not enough money in your checking account and funds from your savings account are used to cover Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF).  We will continue to provide this valuable transfer service; however, the $5 fee will no longer be assessed.

    Pro Tip:  Log into Online Banking to check your Overdraft Protection Settings.  Select Account Options from the More menu and click Overdraft Protection. On the mobile app select Overdraft Protection from the More menu.  We recommend you select Savings as your default account but you can also use your credit card or personal line of credit to cover overdrafts.
  2. Minimum Amount Required to Trigger an Overdraft

    If your available balance is overdrawn by $5.00 or less, you will not incur an overdraft fee. This added buffer reduces the chance of being assessed a more expensive overdraft fee.

  3. Maximum Number of Overdrafts Per Day

    Rivermark is also reducing the number of overdraft fees that may be imposed daily.  You can only be charged a maximum of six per day, which is a reduction from the previous unlimited.

New Mobile Banking Improvements!

We are also continually looking for ways to improve our mobile banking experience. Recent updates over the past couple of months have brought added features and an improved user experience to help you manage your money.

New Mobile App Benefits:

  • Auto Capture for Mobile Deposit: Simply hold your device over your check and it will automatically capture a usable image.
  • The Available Balance is now located above your Current Balance and displayed in larger text to draw awareness.
  • YTD and Prior Year dividend information is now available within Account Details.
  • 3D Touch is supported, allowing users to access aspects of the app quickly by pressing firmly on the app icon.
  • Balance Update Notifications can now be set for any day of the week.

Thank you for choosing and trusting Rivermark for all your financial needs. We’re already working on the next round of improvements with YOU in mind.