Green Path financial wellness.

We’re proud to announce a new financial wellness partner at Rivermark – GreenPath Financial Wellness! GreenPath is a national non-profit committed to improving people’s quality of life through financial wellness resources. For over 60 years, they have provided free, personalized counseling, guidance, information, and tools to help members meet their goals and improve their overall financial health. With their mission of empowering people to lead financially healthy lives, we know they’ll be a great partner and resource to our members and staff.

As we’ve grown and our members’ financial wellness needs have changed, we knew we wanted a partner that could grow with us and provide services for our members that would help them prosper alongside our financial wellness coaches. We also knew we wanted a myriad of financial tools to support members at all stages of their financial journey. GreenPath will help us do just that.

“By partnering with GreenPath, Rivermark has an opportunity to expand our offerings and find support and solutions for more of our community,” says Rivermark’s Financial Wellness Coordinator, Alisa.

One-on-one financial coaching may be the right solution for some of our members, but it might not be enough for every member or even their preferred way to adjust their financial goals. GreenPath can help our members and staff alike to gain knowledge and new tools through a variety of different options. They offer free online financial wellness education on a wide variety of topics through courses, articles, and webinars. They also have calculators, workshops, and guides to help you better understand your financial situation and how to get to the goals you want in life.

Explore the Rivermark GreenPath partner site to find out more.