Rivermark proudly announces its second consecutive certification as a recipient of the 2024 Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health by Mental Health America (MHA), reaffirming our dedication to corporate responsibility and employee well-being. This prestigious recognition highlights our commitment to cultivating a workplace that values, prioritizes, and supports mental health.

Understanding the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health

The Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health is an initiative by Mental Health America (MHA), a leading nonprofit organization founded in 1909, committed to addressing the mental health needs of communities nationwide. In 2019, MHA launched the Bell Seal to recognize and honor companies that exhibit outstanding dedication to enhancing mental health in the workplace.

The program categorizes achievements into four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each representing the level of advancement an employer has made in promoting mental health. This distinction is determined through a comprehensive assessment of an organization's workplace culture, employee benefits, legal compliance, and wellness initiatives.

Rivermark's Platinum designation with the Bell Seal not only underscores our staunch commitment to fostering a supportive and healthy work environment but also attests to the robustness of our policies and practices aimed at ensuring employee mental health and well-being.

A Platinum Honor Reflecting Excellence

Attaining the Bell Seal is a noteworthy achievement, particularly at the Platinum level. The rigorous standards set by Mental Health America to achieve even Bronze level are met by only a quarter of employers, making the certification a significant badge of honor. This scarcity makes Rivermark's accomplishment even more remarkable, underscoring our exceptional commitment to wellness investments aligned with the top industry standards.

This is particularly evident in the fundamental areas of Culture and Wellness, where Rivermark secured an outstanding score of 100%. Very few organizations ever reach the lofty heights of Platinum status, further highlighting the significance of this achievement.

Why Rivermark Continues to Lead

The secret to Rivermark's continued success lies in its proactive approach to mental well-being. Echoing this sentiment, Nadine Perrin, Rivermark's Learning and Development Manager, highlighted the organization's dedication to improving mental well-being through education and support.

"Being a Platinum recipient for the second year in a row is simply amazing! Rivermark leans into mental well-being through education and support. Offering programs like Mental Health First Aid to our employees helps make a direct impact on our community and our people. Over the last four years, we’ve been able to certify over 100 of our employees in Mental Health First Aid and offer additional opportunities to continue education and support around Mental wellbeing. Working for an organization that recognizes and champions belonging and ensures people come first is truly impressive," Perrin said.

Looking Ahead

Rivermark is honored to be recognized once again with a Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health, not just to celebrate our achievements but to lay the foundation for future endeavors. Our dedication to prioritizing our people underscores our commitment to redefining inclusivity and well-being in the workplace.

Learn more about Mental Health America and the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health at mhanational.org/bestemployers.