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The summer and fall months are a great time to get some home improvement projects and remodels finished. But for most of us, money and time are both factors in deciding what to do and how to get it done. We’ve put together some projects you can do on a tight budget and timeline.

Kitchen and Bathroom Makeovers
Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But with some paint, new knobs, and a weekend of work, you can give those rooms new life. Painting the walls is a good start, but you can also paint the cabinets and doors as well. Be sure to get the right paint for your wood, and sand down the cabinets if necessary.

Another way to add flair and fun to any kitchen or bathroom is with a new backsplash. Your local home improvement store has plenty of self-adhesive, no-grout options that make installing that new accent quick, easy, and affordable. Other backsplash options include shiplap, ceiling tiles, wallpaper (that is also waterproof), or some wood and chalkboard paint.

Update Your Front Door
Replacing your front door can be one of the biggest boosts to your home’s equity and curbside appeal. But painting it and adding new wood trim around it can also do wonders. Adding a piece of artwork or the first letter of your family’s last name (made from wood or metal) to the door is also a nice touch.

Create an Outdoor Living Space
Your deck and patio can quickly become an outdoor living room. Patio furniture and lighting are easy fixes. Sun shades, sun umbrellas, as well as privacy shades can also add to the appeal. If your home doesn’t have a large patio or a deck, you might consider adding one to your home. The benefits can often outweigh the costs.

Faucet Updates
Looking for an update that is both functional and fun? Replace the faucet and other fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom. This is your chance to match the tub and shower handles to your sink faucet. You can even match the shower curtain rod. In the kitchen, a new faucet can add functionality to an outdated model, such as touchless faucets that turn on with a wave of your hand.

Solid versus Hollow Doors
If the doors in your home are hollow, updating to new, solid wood doors can add charm as well as sound dampening to your house. It’s not the least expensive update, so start with the most used parts of the home, including the hall coat closet and half bath. Then move to the bedroom and bathroom doors.

Frame Your Bathroom Mirror
Bathroom mirrors are great. But all too often, those mirrors have no discernible style. To add a touch of fun, add a frame around your mirror. You’ll need some baseboard material (wood), paint, a saw, and some high school math skills. In the end you’ll have a mirror that reflects your sense of style. Best of all, you might not even need to remove the mirror from the wall to get the project done.

Install New Windows
This is another project that isn’t always inexpensive up front, but the energy efficiency could help the windows pay for themselves quickly. For a less expensive fix, remove any cracked or old weather stripping and caulking from around the inside and outside of your window and install new material. 

Add New Closet Shelving
Storage is a good thing for any modern family. You’ll find plenty of closet organizer options out there to turn your messy bedroom and storage closet into an organized thing of beauty. Don’t forget the boxes and bins to help further organize your clothes and knick-knacks.

Check Out Your Home Equity Options
Anytime you need money for a large project, like a kitchen remodel, room addition, or whole house carpet installation, a home equity loan or line of credit can be a great way to pay for it. You can also use that equity to consolidate debt, pay for college, and finance other endeavors. It’s up to you and your imagination. And Rivermark has the equity options to help you realize those dreams.

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