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Debt Management

Emergency Funds 101

The pandemic taught us many things. Perhaps one of the most indelible is the importance of having an emergency fund for whatever life throws at us. If you’re still recovering from the financial fallout of COVID, saving for a future emergency may still seem like a distant dream for “one of these days” — but there are creative ways to start adding to your stash now that won’t impact your daily life, even when times are tight.

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6 Good Uses for a Personal Loan

Even the most careful of investors and planners can sometimes get caught off guard by life. In those moments, a personal loan can really make a difference. We've compiled six ways a personal loan can be helpful.

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Quick Tips For Paying Down Debt

Reviewing bills

Getting rid of your consumer debt is an excellent way to increase your credit score, relieve financial stress, and place yourself in a position to succeed financially in the future. However, it can also be a challenge to do so with rising costs, a shortage of funds, and sometimes overwhelming interest costs. Not to worry! Here are some easy ways to get started on reducing your debt today.

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Paying Down Credit Card Debt

Couple reviewing credit card statement

There are many benefits to focusing on paying down debt. Paying off consumer debt protects your financial stability. Plus, less debt means less money spent on interest charges, extra funds for other necessities, money to put into savings, or to use on discretional spending. Below are a few simple ways to lower your credit card debt in April (and for the rest of the year).

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Tips to Eliminate Debt

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According to the Federal Reserve, American credit card debt was nearly one trillion dollars at the end of the third quarter of 2020. This considerable amount of consumer debt means that many families need strategies to help them get out of debt. We have identified eight strategies that you can use to help you reduce your debt load and get your financial situation back on track.

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4 Steps to Help Pay Down Credit Card Debt

Yes, a credit card is a wonderful financial tool. Using the right one can help you earn points toward travel, merchandise, and cash. But for some, credit cards become a burden. Fact is, the average American owes thousands in credit card debt. The good news is there are ways to reduce and eliminate that debt. All it takes is perseverance, some penny-pinching, and careful financial planning.

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