In today's digital age, Rivermark is at the forefront of the banking revolution, offering a wealth of digital banking options that redefine financial management. With features like Video Teller Kiosks, Mobile Wallets, and Card Control, we are committed to providing simple, easy, and secure access to your finances anytime, anywhere. Whether you're an existing member or considering joining our community, Rivermark's digital banking tools can streamline your financial tasks, making them more convenient than ever before.

The Importance of Digital Banking

The importance of digital banking options in today's fast-paced world cannot be overstated. We offer unparalleled convenience by allowing you to carry out transactions, check account balances, apply for loans, pay bills, and more, all without visiting a physical branch. Moreover, these digital options provide safety, especially during times when minimizing in-person interactions is crucial, and facilitate quicker responses to your financial needs with features like mobile wallets and online transactions.

Commitment to Easy Access for Our Members

At Rivermark, we're dedicated to making banking simple and easily accessible. We continuously invest in digital innovations to enhance your banking experience, providing services like mobile deposit, bill pay, and access to over 28,000 ATMs via the CO-OP Network. Serving thousands of members, our unwavering commitment to digital banking showcases our dedication to member convenience and modernized banking solutions. Trust Rivermark to guide you through the digital banking era with ease, security, and reliability.

Video Banking

Our Video Banking technology provides a safe, secure, and user-friendly platform for customers to conduct various banking tasks. You can conveniently apply for loans, open new accounts, receive help with online banking, sign forms, and more directly from your computer or mobile device. The service operates similarly to familiar video conferencing platforms like Facetime, Skype, and Zoom. Available hours are Monday to Thursday from 9am-5pm PST, Friday from 9am-6pm PST, and Saturday from 10am-2pm PST. This innovative approach to banking allows you to connect face-to-face with a Rivermark team member, regardless of your location.

Video Teller Kiosks

Experience the future of banking with Rivermark's innovative Video Teller Kiosks, which combine state-of-the-art technology with a human touch, offering live, video interactions with a teller. Available at all branches, these kiosks grant you the ability to perform various transactions like deposits, withdrawals, and loan payments faster and more efficiently. Enjoy extended service hours and enhanced privacy settings, and our Kiosks allow you to adjust the sound system or use your own earbuds for private conversations. You can also chat privately using the digital keyboard on the screen.

Extended Hours and Local Video Tellers

Life is busy, , and sometimes visiting a branch during regular banking hours can be inconvenient. Keeping our busy members in mind is important, so that’s why we offer extended hours for our Video Teller Kiosks, with availability from 8 am – 8 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday.

When you visit our Video Teller Kiosks, you get to chat with our in-house team members. Our Video Tellers are have special training in our advanced video technology, so they can assist you with nearly any banking task.

Online/Mobile Banking

Take control of your finances with the Rivermark Mobile Banking app and Online Banking tools, designed to provide you with secure and convenient access to your accounts anytime, anywhere. Whether you're on the move or enjoying the outdoors, manage your money effortlessly by paying bills, depositing checks with your device's camera, transferring funds, or checking your account balance with just a few clicks. Our free tools are not only user-friendly but also secure, emphasizing our commitment to providing banking solutions that meet your needs while building trust. You can start today by registering for online access, and experience the benefits of having a branch in your hand at Rivermark.

Card Controls

Experience the convenience of Rivermark's upgraded Card Control services, designed to provide you with greater control and security over your banking. Instantly activate new cards, set travel notifications, manage spending limits, and stay informed with personalized alerts. For added convenience, you can push your card to Digital Wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay, and access your card details for purchases even without your card physically present. You can also track your expenses through our spending insights feature, toggle your card on or off for security, report lost or stolen cards, and monitor where your card information is stored with merchants.

Bill Pay

As a Rivermark member, you gain access to our hassle-free Bill Pay system, which is part of our Online and Mobile Banking services. With this service, you can pay unlimited bills from any linked checking account, whether it's to individuals or businesses across the US. Schedule one-time or recurring payments to ensure you never miss a deadline, and go paperless with E-Bills for a clutter-free experience. Best of all, using Bill Pay is completely free, saving you both time and money. At Rivermark, we're committed to providing simple, convenient banking solutions that make your life easier.

Mobile Deposit

With our free Mobile Banking app, you can deposit checks anytime, anywhere, saving you trips to a branch. All you need is your smartphone or tablet's camera. This service allows you to deposit checks even on weekends and instantly adds funds to your account, ensuring you have access to your money when you need it. To begin, simply download the Rivermark app from the App Store or Google Play and select 'Deposit Checks' within the app.

Mobile Wallet

Experience the convenience of carrying your cards without the bulk with Mobile Wallets. We support Apple Pay, Samsung Wallet, and Google Pay for your Rivermark debit and credit cards, offering a secure and easy way to make purchases. Setting up your card with these services is simple, and it allows you to make quick payments using your smartphone. By opting for our mobile wallet options, you can avoid the hassle of carrying plastic cards that can be lost or stolen, and reduce your chance of fraud, as payments are made without transmitting your card number or name.


At Rivermark, we're committed to providing solutions that make banking convenient and secure, enhancing our members' experience and peace of mind. At Rivermark, we prioritize your convenience and security. We have removed the unnecessary and are proud to offer a wide range of digital banking options that allow you to manage your money the way you want. With our commitment to simple and easy access for all members, banking satisfaction is just a few clicks away. Join us and experience the joy of hassle-free banking today!