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You know you need to save. You know you need to plan for retirement. Those are great general rules, but did you know you should be managing your money differently at different stages of your life? That’s why we created this new series: Smart Money Moves. We provide an overview of what you should be prioritizing based on your age (or life stage).  Even though each article in the series focuses on a different age group, there are smart tips for everyone, so read on!

Chapter 1: Starting Out in Your 20's

At 20, it may seem like you have all the time in the world to save. However, now is the BEST time to start preparing for your financial future.

Chapter 2: Get in a Rythm in Your 30's

In this chapter, we talk about your 30’s: the best time to solidify a financial foundation for your future.

Chapter 3: Prioritizing Retirement in Your 40's

We take a long, hard, and possibly brutal look at steps to a successful retirement that are best made in your 40’s.

Chapter 4: Ramping Up in Your 50's

This chapter we focus on your 50’s – the make or break decade for ensuring retirement success.

Chapter 5: Living In Your 60’s and Beyond

The final chapter of this series. In your 60’s, you have hopefully either retired or are getting close.