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Nothing in the business world is better than a numbered ‘to do’ list to get things done. Here’s how to start your business.

1. Talk to Your Local Small Business Center.

They can help give you expert advice on tax liability, city fees, and choosing your business structure. Area leaders to contact include:

2. Register for Your Employer ID Number (EIN).

You will use this number for nearly everything, including local and state business licenses, paying your taxes, and opening your Rivermark business account. 

3. Register with the State. 

Both Oregon and Washington require registration. In addition, some cities require a business license and other fee-driven documentation. Your Chamber of Commerce or business alliance can help you determine if your city has these fees.

4. Open your Rivermark Business Account.

In addition to giving your business a financial structure, this will help separate your personal finances from your business.  

5. Plan your Taxes.

Visit the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System® (EFTPS) to set up your tax payments from your Rivermark account.  

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