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Socially Responsible Banking

Man with DogCredit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that provide affordable financial services to 105 million members nationwide. A few years back during the financial crisis, while big Wall Street banks had to be bailed out by taxpayers, financially sound credit unions like Rivermark helped middle-class families weather the storm.

For us, that means giving back to our members in the form of low rates on loans and higher interest rates on deposit accounts. In fact, the average Rivermark member saves $305* annually by having their accounts at Rivermark compared with a bank. Typical savings are:

While giving back to our members is a top priority, Rivermark is also dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve. Employees are encouraged to spend time volunteering and receive Volunteer Time off as a benefit. Fundraisers are also held to support community and credit union related causes.  

Here are a just few of the organizations we support:

Oregon Community FundRivermark Community Fund
The fund’s purpose is to provide grants to nonprofit organizations that support small businesses to improve the economic vitality in our community. In 2016, the Rivermark Community Fund donated to TiE Young Entrepreneurs, a program that empowers students become the next generation of entrepreneurs. You can support the organization by making a tax deductible*** donation online.

KGW Great Food Drive
An alarming 1 in 5 Oregonians go to bed hungry each night. We’ve partnered with KGW to gather donations to support the Oregon Food Bank. In March 2017, we collected non-perishable food items at all of our branches. You can also donate online.

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Rivermark has helped raise over $500,000 for Doernbecher since 1983. A staple in the Portland community, Doernbecher is known as one of the leading children’s hospitals in the country and offers a broad range of pediatric treatments.

Children’s Book Bank
Reading is important for all kids, but it’s not always accessible. That’s why Rivermark is committed to supporting the Children’s Book Bank. Each year, books are collected at our branches and a team of Rivermark employee volunteers clean up donated books.

By supporting Rivermark, you are supporting local. Rivermark is proud to make a positive difference in the lives of the 87,000+ members we serve.

*Working with a national research firm, we compared our account rates and fees with the average rates and fees of local banks in the Portland Metro area. The calculations were provided by Informa Research Services, Inc. Please note that although Informa obtained  the information directly from the banks, we cannot guarantee their accuracy as rates can change at any time. The formulas used for the calculations vary by account type.

**Average savings for our members with Rivermark Insurance Agency is based on the previous 12 months of auto, homeowner, and packaged policyholders’ savings per customer when compared to the policyholders’ former premiums.  Individual premiums and savings will vary.

***Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of donations. 

Building the Future
The Rivermark Community Fund supports the entrepreneurs of the future.

What Rivermark Members are Saying

"I would like to thank Rivermark for being a bank that helps people - treating their members like people, not numbers. They've helped me in ways that I never thought they would be able to. Thank you to all the good people at Rivermark!"

- Kat
5 Stars
5 out of 5

"I moved all my accounts to Rivermark because of my outrage with the big bank bailouts.  I am so much happier having my money at a local Credit Union! The staff is friendly, stable and very helpful. My car loan is also through Rivermark and has been a breeze to manage. I pay all my bills online and it couldn't be easier. I am a very happy member!"

- Christina
5 Stars
5 out of 5