ATM Skimming

Woman At ATMATM skimming is a growing threat to your financial information. If you're not familiar with ATM skimming, it's the act of obtaining card information using a reader device attached to an ATM or card reader. While Rivermark ATMs are equipped with anti-skimming technology, not all ATMs adhere to the same standards and we want to make sure you know how to stay safe. 

Here are some tips:

  • Spot the Skimmer. If the keypad looks raised above the surface of the device or easily moves, don't use it. Look for holes near a keypad that might conceal a camera. 
  • Check for Loose Parts. Inspect the reader to see if any part of it is loose or damaged. It shouldn't wiggle at all. Check for adhesive tape or glue.
  • Protect your PIN. Cover the area with your hand or a piece of paper as you type in your PIN in case there is a device recording your action. 
  • Use Credit Union ATMs. The ATMs at most credit unions, including Rivermark, have anti-skimmer technology and are generally safer than ones not associated with a financial institution.  

If you notice any unauthorized transactions on your card and you believe your information has been compromised, please call our Lost or Stolen Card Hotline at the following numbers:

  • Regular business hours: 800.452.8502
  • After hours800.472.3272

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7-Eleven Alert

We recently became aware that local 7-Eleven ATMs have been targeted by ATM Skimming and some of the victims were Rivermark members. As of July 2016, all transactions from 7-Eleven ATMs will be blocked for members.

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