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Savings Summary

Average Member Savings per Account

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It's important to us that Rivermark members know the value of their credit union membership. That's why we offered members these personalized Member Savings Statements.  

Working with a national research firm, we compared our account rates and fees with the average rates and fees of local banks in the Portland Metro area. Rivermark members collectively saved nearly $15 million in 2013 simply by having their accounts with Rivermark versus a bank. That’s an average savings of $305 per member.

Middle Age Couple HikingTo calculate your savings, we compared your account rates with the average bank rate for each particular product. We only compared banks with comparable rate tiers and pricing to determine the average rate for each product type. Business accounts were excluded from these calculations.

The calculations were provided by Informa Research Services, Inc. Please note that although Informa obtained  the information directly from the banks, we cannot guarantee their accuracy as rates can change at any time. 

In all cases, your total savings represent an annualized estimate, regarless of when you opened the account. The formulas used for the calculations vary by account type. In order to calculate your savings,  we rolled up your different accounts into general account categories. 

Learn more about products and services that will help to maximize your total savings with Rivermark. 

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