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Fixed Home Equity Rates

Home Equity Loan | Effective Date: 2-16-2018

Term Rate APR* Minimum Loan Amount Payment*
5 Year 5.49% - 13.74% 5.74% - 14.00% $5,000 $955-$1,157
10 Year 5.74%-14.74% 5.87%-14.90% $10,000 $549-$799
15 Year 5.99%-14.99% 6.08%-15.11% $15,000 $422-$699
20 Year 6.49%-15.49% 6.57%-15.60% $25,000 $372-$677
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*Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) are calculated based on a loan amount of $50,000, Combined Loan to Value (CLTV) of up to 80% and a $299 loan fee.  Maximum CLTV subject to collateral and credit qualifications; tiered rates are based on credit qualifications and CLTV. Loan applications are subject to credit and property approval.  Representative payments shown include only Principal and Interest.  Appraisal may be required at an additional cost. Property insurance required; flood insurance may be required.  Maximum loan limits apply.  Other rates and terms are available for Investment Property or Manufactured Home Equity Loans.