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FinanceWorks Money Management

FinanceWorks is personal financial management software that is built right into Online Banking. FinanceWorks is a free, easy-to-use budgeting tool designed to provide you with a complete view of your Rivermark accounts. FinanceWorks even allows you to view your accounts at other financial institutions in one convenient system.

  • Set budget goals and track your spending for a clear picture of your household spending.
  • Get a complete view of all of your accounts even at other financial institutions.
  • Analyze your household spending through categorized transactions.
  • Set budget goals with a few clicks.

It's Easy

Step 1: Log into Online Banking. 

Step 2: Find the FinanceWorks section and click Get Started

Step 3: Add outside accounts to your dashboard by clicking Add Outside Accounts in the Outside Accounts section. 

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