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Mobile Updates

Exciting Changes are Available in the Rivermark Mobile App

Rivermark is always looking for ways to incorporate new technology that gives you access to do more anytime, from anywhere. Our app is continually updated to bring you the latest features and functionality. 

Be sure to update your app now so you’ll have access to these important updates.

Updates from August 2018

Screenshot of Account History Information1. Account Details

Additional relevant account details are now displayed in the Account and Account History screens. For deposit accounts this includes Account Number, ACH Number and Accrued Interest. For loan products this includes term, interest rate and payoff amount. You will also see a message if you are past due. 

2. Mobile Deposit Updates

If a mobile check deposit is held for review, you will be notified via a message on your screen. You will also be prompted to write "For mobile deposit only at Rivermark" on the back of your check. 

3. Bill Pay Updates

The payee details information is now easier to read and includes recent payment history information. You're also able to edit information about payee and delete payees. 


Updates from February 2018

1. Updated app icon
You will no longer see the “new” ribbon at the bottom of the icon.

Before and After Icons








Bill Pay Phone2. FaceID Available
You can now log into the app using Face ID. This will be available on devices that support Face ID. You will no longer be able to log in using EyePrint ID.

3. Bill Pay Updates

  • Electronic Bills (eBills) – Sign up, view, pay and manage entirely on the app.
  • Scheduled Automatic Payments – Set up a scheduled bill payment to pay electronic bills electronically
  • Payee History – See your historical payments made to a specific payee
  • Memos - Add memos directly to your payments that you can reference later
  • Delete Payee – Remove payees you no longer need associated with your account


Don’t have the Rivermark app? Download it for free from iTunes or Google Play today.

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