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Easy Loan Payments

Rivermark makes paying your loans quick, easy, fee-free and worry free. Just tell us how you want to make your payments and where the funds are coming from and we’ll do the rest.

Pay from: 

  • A Rivermark Account
  • Another financial institution
  • Visa or Mastercard (2% processing fee applies)

It's Easy

Step 1: Choose Pay a Rivermark Loan from the Move Money dropdown in Online Banking.

Step 2: Select which membership the loan you'd like to pay is on. 

Step 3: Choose the loan you'd like to pay. Enter the amount you want to pay and choose where the funds should originate.

Step 4: Choose to make the payment now, later or set it up as a reoccurring payment that you can change anytime.

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Be Prepared
Transfer your balance to a low-rate Rivermark Visa Platinum.

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