Home Equity Loans & Lines Of Credit

One of the most valuable things you own is your home. At Rivermark, you can access your homes equity for debt consolidation, home improvements, educational expenses, or even to refinance your first mortgage.  And because home equity loans are secured by the equity in your home, the rates are lower than on most other loans.

Additional home equity benefits:

  • Borrow money at a low fixed rate
  • Low monthly payments with terms up to 20-years
  • No annual fee or pre-payment penalty
  • The loan interest may be tax deductible*

Get a fixed-term for borrowing a specific amount or a line-of-credit that you can access anytime by check or from Online Banking.

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*Closing costs range from $199 to $1,500, including property appraisal, if required. $75 Conversion Fee (FINANCE CHARGE) applies when converting to or from a fixed rate loan, and is waived if conversion option taken when loan account is established. Maximum APR 18%. Property insurance required. Please contact us for rates and terms specific to your loan request.

**Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

Home Equity Rates

7 Year Draw Period 4.24% - 8.74% APR

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