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Transfer a Balance

Transfer a balance from another lender to your existing Rivermark Visa Platinum credit card.
Please note:
  • A Credit Union representative will call you to verify information such as dollar amount of transfer, account number, etc. in order to complete your request.
  • Your balance transfer amount cannot exceed the credit available on your Rivermark Visa.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that any payments due to the other lender specified below are made on time before or after the balance transfer.
  • You understand that this balance transfer will be posted to your Rivermark account as a cash advance.

Rivermark Visa Card Benefits

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver: Use your Rivermark Visa to pay for a rental vehicle and your rental is automatically protected from theft and physical damage.

Zero Liability: You have $0 liability for unauthorized credit card transactions.

Personal Identity Theft Protection: Reimburses up to $5,000 of expenses incurred from ID theft including legal fees, lost wages, costs of credit reports and more.

Travel Accident Insurance: When tickets are purchased with your Rivermark Visa, you'll get $250,000 of Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage for accidents that occur on a common carrier.

Emergency Cash Disbursement & Card Replacement: Get an emergency cash advance delivered or a card replaced 24 hours a day.

For more information on how benefits work or on how to file a claim, call Visa Customer Care Services at 800.VISA.911.