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What is Rivermark's routing/ABA number?

What is Rivermark's routing/ABA number?

Rivermark's ABA number is 323076012.

If you need to know our routing number, you'll also likely need your account number. To find your checking account number, log into online banking. Browse to your checking history and click on the account details link. You will see a 14-digit ACH number, this is your ACH number.

If you have a paper check, your checking account number can be found on the bottom of one of your checks (it's the 14-digit number that follows our routing number: 323076012.)

More information about routing numbers:

ABA numbers (also called Routing Numbers) are unique identifiers used in the transfer of funds. The routing number allows companies and individuals to know which specific bank holds the account in question.

A Routing Transit Number comes in the form of a nine-digit number that usually precedes the account number found at the bottom portion of checks. 

Financial institutions use routing numbers in order to process payments electronically. Some examples of electronic payments that Rivermark provides are Bill Pay, Wire Transfers, Checking Transactions (sometimes called electronic checks), and Direct Deposits.

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