Overdraft Protection

Simple Solutions. Easy To Set-Up.

Mistakes happen. That’s why Rivermark offers easy to set-up overdraft protection options to provide a safety net for the occasional ‘bounced’ check or having a debit card transaction declined.

Overdraft Transfer

We can link your Savings or Visa Credit Card to cover Non Sufficient Funds (NSF). A $5 service fee is assessed per savings transfer. There is no fee to advance funds from your Rivermark Visa. Funds must be available on your Visa and daily interest will accrue on the amount we advance to cover an overdraft.

Courtesy Pay

Your Checking account automatically comes with our Courtesy Pay service. If you write a check or authorize an ACH transaction and Overdraft Transfer cannot cover the items, Courtesy Pay may pay the transaction for you so it does not "bounce." A $30 fee is assessed each time Courtesy Pay is used. We strive to pay items to help you avoid more costly merchant fees.*

Debit Card Courtesy Pay

Debit Card Courtesy Pay is an additional form of overdraft protection that's available to help cover your Visa Debit Card transactions.* If for whatever reason, funds are not available in your Checking account at the time you make a Visa Debit Card transaction - for example, at the grocery store - Debit Card Courtesy Pay can help cover your transaction so your purchase is not declined.

  • There is no fee to have Debit Card Courtesy Pay on your account – even if it's never used.
  • Your account will be assessed $30 each time Debit Card Courtesy Pay is used.

You must opt-in for the Debit Card Courtesy Pay service. Complete our online form or call us at 503.626.6600 or 800.452.8502.

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*Courtesy Pay is a discretionary service and we reserve the right not to pay NSF items even if we’ve paid them before.

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