Debit Card Rewards

Earn FREE Gifts for Using Your Card

Every time you make a purchase with your Rivermark debit card, you automatically earn points redeemable for FREE rewards.

How To Claim Your Reward Points

Visit and select "New Account" to get started. There are two ways to receive points. By mail or electronically.

If you choose not to receive points electronically; paper certificates will be mailed to you. However, we recommend that you sign-up to receive your points electronically.

How it works:

  • Earn one point for every $100 in signature purchases and half a point for every $100 in PIN purchases.
  • Plus, when you make 40 or more purchases a month we'll give you 50% more points!
  • Each quarter (March, June, September, December) a paper certificate for any points you've accumulated is mailed to you. If you opted to receive points electronically; points will automatically be credited to your account during those same months.
  • Once you've accumulated 100 points you can redeem a prize or save points for even bigger rewards.
  • Reward points are only available to Rivermark debit card holders. Don't have a Rivermark debit card? Visit your favorite branch to get one instantly issued.


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