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Certificates of Deposit

When you invest in a Rivermark Certificate of Deposit, you'll earn a guaranteed interest rate for the term of your CD. And you can rest easy knowing your principal is federally insured.

  • Higher rates than Savings or Money Market Accounts
  • Low $500 minimum to open ($100 for youth accounts)
  • Terms from six months to three years
  • All accounts are Federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration

Smart Savings

One way to maximize your interest income is with a strategy called CD laddering. Over time, it's an easy way to earn a higher rate without locking up all your money into a single long term certificate.

For example, instead of opening one 3-year CD for $15,000, you would divide your initial deposit into three equal CD's.

  1. Open one CD for $5,000 with a 3-year term
  2. Open a second CD for $5,000 with a 2-year term
  3. Open a third CD for $5,000 with a 1-year term

When your 1-year CD matures, you would roll that $5,000 into a new 3-year certificate. After three years, all of your certificates will be earning the higher three year rate of interest at that time and you'll always have access to $5,000 of your money within one year.

More Tips for Saving Money

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