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Business Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Rivermark require my business to be registered with the State?

Registration of your business or business name with the Secretary of State (Oregon) satisfies a number of requirements but - maybe most importantly - it establishes your business as an entity in Oregon that Rivermark can contract with for financial services.

Will Rivermark process my Federal Business Tax Payments?

Yes. Rivermark recommends using Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service (EFTPS) to process your payments timely and securely.

Can I make an appointment to talk with someone about Business Services?

Yes. Use our Make an Appointment feature to schedule time to talk with our trained branch team about partnering with your business today.

Does Rivermark provide an endorsement stamp?

Rivermark can order an endorsement stamp for you at a small charge. You may purchase one from another company as well. We will provide you with the required endorsement stamp information for your convenience if you decide to order from another company.

Is there a charge for business checks?

The cost of business checks varies due to the different styles, which are ordered through Deluxe, a third party vendor.

Is there a charge for a Rivermark checking account, cash counting, etc.?

There are fees associated with business accounts. Please refer to the Rate and Fee Schedule for up-to-date fees and terms.

Is Mobile Deposit available for my business?

Yes. Rivermark business members have the same access to Mobile Deposit as consumers. If your business activity requires higher deposit limits, please contact [email protected] for further information.

My business has a lot of checks, do you have a better deposit solution?

Yes. With Remote Deposit through Rivermark Online Banking you can deposit batches of checks from the comfort of your office or home. Rivermark Online Banking is compatible with any TWAIN compliant scanner.

Does Rivermark lend on Commercial Real Estate?

Yes, we offer financing for many types of commercial real estate, both owner-occupied and non-owner occupied. 

What terms does Rivermark offer on Commercial Real Estate Loans?

Commercial Real Estate loans tend to be larger in size and since they are secured by real property collateral, amortizations up to 25 years with 10 or 15 year maturities are common.

What are the current rates? How are they determined?

Commercial Real Estate loan rates fluctuate with the market and are customized based on credit qualification and loan structure. 

How do I qualify for a CRE loan?

Qualified business applicants will present a 3-year history of positive cash flow and financial trends.  We look for good credit performance of the business and owners/guarantors.  Finally, we want to hear your business plan, share with us your vision for growth.  

Do I need to be a Personal Guarantor for a CRE loan?

Yes. Rivermark asks all business owners to personally guarantee the business loan.  Let’s both get behind your business! 

Can I roll the closing costs and fees in to the Commercial Real Estate loan?

In some cases closing cost and loan fees can be included in the loan amount. Purchase transactions require an equity investment with costs typically paid in cash. 

Does Rivermark off business equipment loans or lines of credit?

These are two programs that we have yet to develop. Our business team would love to talk to you about your financing need and see if we have a referral source for you or research alternatives. We are your business partner, contact us.