Family at the airport.

Every year, Americans travel all over the country and around the world to be with family and friends during the holidays. While most people know traveling takes time, not everyone considers travel expenses to be part of their holiday budgets. That could be a big mistake. We’ve put together some time- and money-saving holiday travel tips to help.

Book Travel in Advance

If you haven’t booked your flight, train, or bus already, now could be the last minute to get in on any good deals. During other times of the year, waiting until the last minute can save you money, but fares simply skyrocket the closer you get to the end of the year. Book today, mark your calendar, and plan your trip(s) before it’s too late for availability and your budget.

Plan to Stay a Bit Longer

If you can arrive early and stay later at your destination, it can often save you money in airfare, gas prices, hotel accommodations, and a lot more. This is especially true when traveling around major holidays.  

Anticipate Delays

During the holiday season, get to the airport extra, extra early to anticipate delays, weather, and crowds. If you have the time, apply for the TSA Pre-check program at This can get you through security faster and easier.

Put Your Smartphone to Work

Not only are smartphones great for entertaining the kids on a drive or a flight, but they can also save you time spent in long check-in lines. Utilize airline mobile apps to check-in ahead of time and download the boarding pass to your phone or mobile wallet.

Save the Giftwrap for Later

In just about every holiday movie out there, people show up with pre-wrapped gifts. But chances are those folks didn’t have to go through TSA screening. If you wrap it, TSA agents might be required to unwrap it to ensure the safety of your flight. To save time, and the extra money needed to re-wrap your gifts, buy gift wrap when you land and wrap the gifts later. Better yet, give yourself some time to shop when you arrive, or mail all the packages weeks in advance.  

Make Informed Decisions About Your Finances

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