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5 Tips for Scoring Cheap Summer Getaways

Summer is inching closer and so is vacation season. It’s not too late to save some cash on a summer getaway.

  1. Be Flexible

The more flexible you are with your travel dates, the more you can save. Weekend flights are generally more expensive, especially if on a holiday weekend. Save hundreds by booking a mid-week flight. Prices also tend to go down towards the end of summer, as kids start going back to school. Look for late August and early September travel dates.

Most travel sites have a flexible date search feature, so you can see the costs of a flight over a period of time. Choose the one that fits best with your schedule and budget.  

  1. Check an App or Website

Apps are a great tool. Some services will find the cheapest flight for you, and sometimes even the cheapest destination! Sign up for travel alerts to receive notification when the cost of a flight or hotel drops. Some favorite apps and websites are, and   

  1. Go in the Off-Season

Summer is considered “off-season” for many places. You can receive great deals on resorts and attractions in these areas. In the US try Florida, Arizona or New Mexico. If you’re jonesing for a tropical locale, check out the Caribbean, Costa Rica or Mexico.  

  1. Think Beyond the hotel

A great way to get an authentic experience is a new city and also save some money is to look at options other than hotels. Try camping, hostels or home sharing sites like Airbnb. Without hotel amenities and fees, these options are often cheaper. As a bonus, you may be able to find a place to stay with a kitchen, meaning you can cook your own meals and save on pricey restaurants.

  1. Plan for Next Year

Now that you’re all set for this year’s trip, it’s time to plan for next year’s summer vacation. Set up a Savings account now, name it “Next Year’s Vacation”, set up automatic transfers into the account and watch your vacation fund grow. This time next year, you’ll have cash dedicated specifically to your travels.  

Now that you have your money saving tips, it’s time to plan your trip! Safe travels!