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Easy and Unexpected Ways to Save Paper

Stack of Old LettersWhile we currently live in a digital world, paper usage is greater than it has ever been before. Not only is this an expense the average household must accommodate, but it’s also an environmental resource that is important to preserve.

There are little things we can all do to be mindful of the amount of paper we use. Incorporate these tactics into your every day and you can save money and unnecessary waste.

Sign up for E-Statements

Did you know that your Rivermark statements are available in both Online Banking and the Mobile App? You can access them any time you need! By signing up for E-Statements, you’re also a step closer to earning the most APY on your Free Checking Plus and Rewards Savings accounts. Here’s how to get started.  

Make Digital Payments

Instead of writing and mailing a check each month, sign up to make your payments digitally. This not only saves paper, it saves a stamp! Pay your Rivermark loans automatically within Online Banking, or opt to utilize Bill Pay. As most companies now accept digital payments, you’ll still be saving a check and a stamp!

Update Your Contact Information

Do we have your most up-to-date mailing address and email? You can check and update your information within Online and Mobile Banking. This will help us to avoid returned mail and ensure we can communicate important account information with you.

If you Need to Print Something, Use Both Sides

The simplest way to cut your paper usage in half? Print on both sides of the paper. You should have the option in your Printer Settings. Set this as default and you won’t have to think about it!

If everyone works together to reduce the amount of paper we use, we can all save money and ensure that our environmental resources are preserved for future generations.