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How We've Made Your Day

Member Making a Deposit on the Personal Teller KioskWhether we're helping a member or assisting a fellow employee, at Rivermark our motto is to "Make Their Day". We recently asked members how Rivermark has made their day and we received an overwhelming response. Even a few employees chimed in!

"Every time I'm waiting in a long line and a free associate pulls me to their desk to complete my transaction is sweet as all heck! It seriously makes my life so much easier and it makes trips to the bank much more enjoyable. The free coffee doesn't hurt either." - Riley B.

"Every time a grandchild turns 18 they add on a checking account to their lifetime savings. Grammy then backs out of monitoring their financial business. I still have access to deposit to them whenever I choose. This is a real grownup step. We have our personal contact that sits with our grandchild to talk about 'adult' financial options." - Sandra A.

"I love how convenient Rivermark makes transferring money to my kids and grandkids' accounts. I have all of my accounts with them - checking, savings, mortgage and auto loans. It's so much easier than having everything scattered around." - Sue J.

"Newberg kiosk giving cashiers checks has saved me a ton of time by not having to drive into Progress Ridge! That totally makes my day! " - Melissa T.

"I'm not only a member, but also an employee! I love the convenience and access that being able to bank anywhere, anytime offers me - from my mobile device to my desktop, and when I need to go into a branch I can do it after work instead of trying to rush during lunch hour! The convenience that 8-8 hours offers is amazing. I love Rivermark." - Jackie H.

If you have stories to share, we'd love to hear them! Send us your stories and you may see them featured in the future.