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The Best Items to Buy this Winter

Women Shopping in Winter ClothesThe holiday season is over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are far in the past. While shopping season winds down, there are still deals to be had on items that you might not expect. Here are our must-buys for Winter.


January is a fantastic time to buy jewelry. The Valentine’s Day rush hasn’t started and retailers are looking to offload their holiday overstock. Check out your favorite jewelry outlets for the best deals.


It may be too cold to be thinking of taking your bike out for a spin, but it’s a great time to purchase a new one! Many bike stores around town have big sales. It’s also a great time to buy accessories such as helmets, gears and apparel.

A House

Winter is not the most popular time to be looking for a new home, so sellers are likely to offer discounts on properties that haven’t moved. This is great news for buyers! If you’re a first time home buyer, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.


New models of cameras roll out in January and February, meaning older models go on sale. Much of the time, they are close matches to the newer models. If you don’t care about having the latest and greatest you can score some great deals.  

Holiday Decorations

It’s not uncommon to see 50%, 70% or even 90% off holiday decorations this time of year. Stores want to get rid of their inventory so it won’t be sitting in storage all year. Take advantage – especially of items like gift wrap!


New models start flooding car lots early in the year and dealerships want to make room. You may be able to negotiate great deals on older models as dealers want them off the lot. Don’t forget to get preapproved first for maximum negotiating potential.


Like vehicles and cameras, new furniture models hit store showrooms in February, meaning retailers will be in clearance mode. Take advantage of steep markdowns and finally get that new dining table you’ve been wanting.

Hopefully these tips allow you to start 2018 with some extra cash in your pockets!