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Important Changes to Mobile Deposit

On September 1, 2018 a new regulatory requirement regarding Mobile Deposit goes into effect. 

Moving forward, you will need to write "MOBILE DEPOSIT AT RIVERMARK" under your signature on checks. 



After Sept 1st, checks without this line of copy will not be eligible for deposit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this changing? 
A new regulatory requirement regarding mobile deposits goes into effect September 1st.

What more do I need to do?
After you sign the check, any variation including BOTH ‘mobile deposit’ and ‘Rivermark’ is acceptable. I.e. ‘Mobile Deposit Rivermark’, ‘For Mobile Deposit at Rivermark’, etc.  

If I forget to add the “mobile deposit at Rivermark” when and how will I know my deposit was rejected?
You would find out via e-mail after the deposit is reviewed that it was rejected. The review is a manual process – but turn-around time is usually less than 24 hours, however if done on a Saturday after 6PM the deposit will not be reviewed until Monday morning.

If I realize right away that I forgot to add “mobile deposit at Rivermark”, can I add it and resubmit my deposit right away?
You could resubmit your deposit, and it could be approved, however your first deposit will still exist in a review status. Our team will still review the first deposit and see that it was successfully done a second time, but we are working towards an option that would allow you as the member to see your deposits pending review and then delete them.

What happens if my deposit with the endorsement gets rejected?
If possible, please bring your deposit to one of our branches so we may assist you further. If you are unable to come to a branch, please cross out ‘for mobile deposit’ and initial so that you may deposit at an ATM.

This regulation affects all financial institutions, including banks and credit unions. This change does not impact checks deposited in a branch or ATM. Please make a note of this change when making your next mobile deposit.