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10 Homeowner Hacks That Simplify Your Life

Homeowner HacksOwning a home has challenges, but there are shortcuts - or “hacks”- to make it a bit easier. As Spring Cleaning season kicks into high gear and you’re tackling projects around your home, keep these creative hacks in mind.

1. No toilet cleaner? Don’t like using harsh chemicals? You can clean a toilet by filling it with a liter of cola and leaving it overnight.
2. Polish your furniture with a natural solution of one part lemon juice and two parts olive oil. Bonus: it smells great!
3. If you hate dusting blinds, you’ll love this hack! Use a hair dryer to dust your blinds. Then simply vacuum up the loose dust.
4. Speaking of vacuuming, if you sweep your carpet with a broom before you vacuum, you’ll loosen up the dirt and dust. Just expect a full vacuum!
5. Have a door that squeaks non-stop? Try rubbing the base of a candle on the hinges. The wax will help.
6. Another dusting trick: use dryer sheets as your dusting cloth! They’ll better attract the dust and they have a pleasant scent.
7. When tackling a painting project, glue a magnet to the side of your paintbrush. Then you can stick it on the inside edge of the paint can while you take a break!
8. Do you have scuff marks on your floor? Try rubbing them with a dry tennis ball. It should clear them right up.
9. Avoid injuring your hand with a hammer by avoiding holding the nails. Use a comb to hold the nail in place.
10. Going on vacation, but want to make sure your plants are watered? Fill an empty wine bottle with water and place it upside down in the soil. The plant will soak up what it needs.

We hope you find these homeowner hacks helpful. Happy Spring Cleaning!