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Five Secure Ways to Check Your Account Balance from Anywhere

Check Your BalanceAn important aspect of managing your money is knowing how much you have available and how much you have spent. That’s why Rivermark makes it easy to check account balances from anywhere, any time of day.

Mobile App/Online Banking
Whether you prefer to access on your phone or on a desktop computer, you’ll be able to check your balance at any time within the Rivermark app or Online Banking. See each of your account balances, as well as purchase history.

Quick Balance
Did you know you can check your balance on your smart phone without logging into the Rivermark app? Simply enable the Quick Balance feature within your app. On your Android device you’ll be able to access a balance widget from your device’s home screen. On your Apple device your balance is available by swiping into your Today Center.

Text or Email Balance Alerts
Perhaps the most convenient way to keep track of your balance is to set up Balance Alert notifications. 

For email notifications, log into Online Banking and click on Alerts & Notifications in the More menu. If you prefer text messages, you can set up push notifications from the Settings menu in your mobile app.

Telephone Teller
If you don’t have access to Online or Mobile banking, our Telephone Teller service may be a good option. Simply call 503.233.7628 or 800.472.3272. This free service is available 24/7. Access your account balances with option 11.

Smart Watch
Connect your smartwatch to your Rivermark app to check your account balance with the flick of your wrist. Simply enable this feature within the Settings/Quick Balance section of your mobile app.

If you have any questions regarding ways to access your balance please Contact Us or call at 503.626.6600 or 800.452.8502.