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Benefits of Using Mobile Deposit

Mobile DepositMobile Deposit is a free service for Rivermark members. Securely deposit checks by simply snapping a photo of the front and back of your check. 

  1. Save a trip to the ATM or branch. 
  2. Deposits are instantly credited to your account. 
  3. Deposit checks from anywhere, anytime, even on the weekends. 

Mobile deposit is easy and convenient, but don't take our word for it! Here's what our members are saying:

"Mobile deposit is the best thing since the ATM! I live in the middle of nowhere so it is very convenient to have a means of depositing a physical check without traveling to a bank." - Kristen

"The beauty of credit unions is they don't charge the big annoying fees that traditional banks do. Mobile deposits can be made via the camera on your phone and the balance is  available immediately, so no need to drive somewhere to physically make a deposit unless it's cash. If you need the money now, you have it now!" - Kona

To get started, simply download the Rivermark app from Google Play or the App Store

Rivermark has a per item deposit limit of $3,500 and a daily deposit limit of $5,000. If you would like to change your limit, please send your request to