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Here's To a Long Life

Long Term CareYou've worked hard for your retirement, carefully planning throughout your entire career. But have you thought about the long term, after retirement? You likely want to be happy and healthy for a long while after retirement age. 

Long-term care insurance (LTCI) is designed to pay for the cost of your care in a variety of settings, including a nursing home if you can no longer care for yourself independently. Policies vary widely in their coverage, limitations, and exclusions.

Policies may cover: 

  • Round-the-clock nursing home care
  • Expenses associated with assisted-living residences
  • Adult day-care centers
  • At-home care provided by registered nurses
  • The cost of caregiver training for a family member or friend

Insurance companies will require that you meet certain conditions before they issue the benefits. Whether you've had a long-term care insurance policy for years or you're thinking of buying one, it's critical to understand exactly what set of conditions will trigger coverage.