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What is a Personal Teller Kiosk?

If you regularly visit any of our branches, you've likely tried our Live Personal Teller Kiosks. These innovative kiosks were designed to meet the needs of our busy members, who seek extended hours, faster transaction times and enhanced privacy. 

Since we launched the first kiosks in 2014, average transaction times in our drive-ups have been reduced by 66%. Not only have transactions been quicker, members have appreciated the extended hours. The live tellers are available 8AM-8PM weekdays and 10AM-6PM Saturdays. 

How do we know members love the kiosks? Since launch, our Beaverton-based live teller team has helped members with over 500,000 transactions!

Still not sure how the kiosks can benefit you? Here's just a few of the things you can do:

Personal Teller Kiosk

With the ability to perform multiple transactions in one session, the kiosks are yet another way Rivermark is putting convenience and access at our members' fingertips.  

You can find Personal Teller Kiosks at the following locations: 

Beaverton: Drive-up and Lobby
Hawthorne: Walk-Up and Drive-up
The Dalles: Drive-Up
Newberg: Stand-Alone Kiosk
Happy Valley: Member Resource Center
Progress Ridge: Member Resource Center
Gresham: Member Resource Center

If you have any questions regarding Personal Teller Kiosks please contact us