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Activate Your Secure Chip Card

EMV Chip CardsIf you haven't already, now is the time to activate your secure chip debit or credit card. Beginning in March, we will be deactivating old magnetic stripe cards and asking all members to use their secure chip (EMV) cards moving forward. 

If you did not receive your new card or misplaced it, please call us at 800.452.8502 or 503.626.6600 or stop by any branch to get one instantly issued

Secure chip cards are:

  • More secure.  These new cards contain sophisticated chips that help prevent fraud and offer members an added layer of security.
  • Accepted everywhere. The cards are accepted everywhere Visa is accepted as well as new Secure Chip terminals. 
  • Easy to use. Simply insert your card into the chip-enabled terminal, sign or enter your PIN and remove your card once prompted. 

To prevent any interruption in service, please activate and begin using your card.