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Be Prepared for the Worst with a Lost Wallet Kit

Lost WalletIt’s likely that you carry your wallet with you everywhere you go. It has your credit/debit cards, ID, medical cards, cash and other important information. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve lost your wallet, you know how inconvenient it can be.

There are simple steps you can take ahead of time, so should you find yourself in that situation, you’re better prepared to recover.

Know everything you have in your wallet.

Make a list of all of the cards, IDs, important documents, etcetera that you carry with you. This list will be your first resource when trying to replace your lost information. You may consider keeping photographs of things like your IDs and medical cards in a safe place, like a lock box.

Keep a list of important phone numbers.

You’ll want to freeze your financial accounts immediately. Having a single location to refer to with important contact information will be a life saver in time of chaos. The list should include your financial institution information, as well as contact information to law enforcement should your wallet be stolen.

Keep a valid ID outside of your wallet.

You’ll want access to a valid, government issued ID to prove your identity. Keep your passport or other government issued cards in a secure location outside of your wallet.

Only carry what you need.

When was the last time you cleaned out your wallet? You likely have a lot of clutter that you don’t need to carry with you. Your social security card can be kept in a safe place outside your wallet. Limit the gift cards you carry as they’re the equivalent of cash.

Info Icon Tip: The smaller your wallet, the less likely you are to carry around unnecessary items.

Have access to a payment source.

Whether you lock up extra cash or a credit card you don’t use, keep a back-up source of payment outside of your wallet. You may also consider adding your debit and credit cards to your mobile wallet. Rivermark supports Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

Set up alerts to know when your card is used.

You’ll want to track any unauthorized transactions on your cards. Rivermark members can sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts to get an email notification each time their debit or credit card is used. You may also sign up for account alerts in Online Banking to know when a transaction over a certain amount is made.

Maintain a list of your automatic payments.

If you have automatic payments for services such as Netflix that are attached to your debit or credit card, you’ll want to update these right away to ensure you don’t have an interruption in service after you cancel your cards.

Keep your business card in your wallet.

You never know when a Good Samaritan may find your wallet and want to return it. Keep a copy of your business card with your contact information in the wallet so they can get in touch.

A lost wallet is always an inconvenience, but it doesn’t have to be a financial setback for you. If you think your wallet is lost or stolen, please contact Rivermark at 503.626.6600 or 800.452.8502 right away.