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Overdraft Protection Just Got Easier

Paying Debit CardMistakes happen and we want to ensure you have a safety net in place for when they do. That's why we've made it simple to opt into Debit Card Courtesy Pay and set up Overdraft Protection options. 

We all know the embarrassment of having a card declined at a restaurant or store. Avoid that embarrassing and inconvenient situation with Debit Card Courtesy Pay.

Debit Card Courtesy Pay is an additional form of overdraft protection that's available to help cover your Visa Debit Card transactions. Like Courtesy Pay, if funds are not available in your Checking account at the time you make a transaction, Visa Debit Card Courtesy Pay will cover your transaction so your purchase is not declined. Unlike Courtesy Pay, you must opt-in to receive this service. There is no fee to opt in, even if it is never used. You may opt in by logging into Online Banking or the mobile app. 
Your account will be assessed $30 each time Debit Card Courtesy Pay is used. Courtesy Pay is a discretionary service and we reserve the right not to pay NSF items even if we’ve paid them before, e.g. we typically do not pay overdrafts on accounts not in good standing, without regular deposits, or with too many overdrafts. We reserve the right to require immediate repayment of an overdraft. (See full disclosure.)

Within Online Banking, you can also protect yourself against non sufficient funds (NSF) by setting up your sources to protect your overdrafts. Choose which accounts (checking, savings or Rivermark Visa) you'd like to serve as a source of funds.

To set up your overdraft protection, log into Online Banking and select Account Options from the More menu. From the Mobile App, select Debit Card Courtesy Pay or Overdraft Protection from the more menu. 

As your financial institution we want to provide you options to protect your transactions. We  hope you'll find these options simple and convenient.