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Better than a Big Bank

A Financial Institution You Can TrustIn light of the Senate Banking Committee’s hearing on Wells Fargo, we thought it'd be a good opportunity to remind you of the differences between a credit union and a bank, and why choosing a credit union is the right choice. 

Our goal is to help you, the member, achieve your financial goals. We want to offer you products and services to reach those goals. 

  • We find products and services that fit your unique needs with your consent.
  • We don’t penalize members for holding an account with Rivermark.

Here are some stories, directly from our members, why Rivermark is better than a big bank. 

"Love keeping my money local and Rivermark issued me a credit card with a way better interest rate than those big guys *ahem, Wells Fargo, cough*. " - Rob M. 

"Rivermark has helped me in so many ways! The relationship started when I sold a travel trailer to one of their customers. When I went to cash it they asked why I wasn't a member yet. I had, in fact. been looking for a good credit union because the big banks just don't offer the same services. So I opened an account. Then I opened a credit card at an unbelievably low rate!"  - Corey O.

"I've been with several financial institutions through the years, but none compare to Rivermark. I joined in 1999 the then Safeway CU and have never thought about leaving. Rivermark has always been there to help me out, when I've had any odd charges they quickly help fix it. No other 'bank' did that for me. I always recommend Rivermark to anyone looking for a great place." - Angela Y. 

If you haven't already, now is the time to make the switch. Open your membership online, or make an appointment to visit a branch.