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New Debit and Credit Card Colors

New EMV Card ColorsThe new Rivermark secure chip EMV cards are now arriving in card holders' mailboxes. All Rivermark credit and debit cards will be replaced with the new secure chip technology.  

Along with the secure chip, we're changing up the color scheme of our cards. Note that the card you are receiving may not be the same color as your previous card. 

  • Consumer Debit Card (Blue): The same favorite Rivermark blue, now outlined with an eye-catching green. 
  • Consumer Platinum Visa (Green): The silver design has been replaced with a green card with a blue trim. 
  • Business Debit Card (Maroon): For our business members, the previously green debit card is now maroon. 
  • Business Visa (Grey): Business members with the previous black Business Visa will be receiving a new grey Visa. 

On top of the new chip and card color, your card number will also be changing. Please remember to update any recurring or automatic card payments you have set up. 

Your new secure chip card adds an additional layer of security designed to further protect you from fraud. Learn more about the change and how to use your new card.

If you have any questions, please call 503.626.6600 or 800.452.8502.