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Save More Money – Name Your Account

Name AccountWhen it comes to saving money, do you have a specific goal in mind? If so, you could benefit by naming your accounts based on what the money in them will be used for.

At Rivermark you can give any of your checking or savings accounts a nickname. For example, you may have a savings account set up called “Family Vacation” or a checking account called “Everyday Spending”. Naming your accounts allows you to focus on saving with a clear goal in mind and reinforces your commitment to saving for that cause.

Naming accounts is also a great way to teach kids differences between accounts. For example, a checking account may be “Money I can use” and savings account “School Trip”. It may also help to reinforce the interest rate within the name. For example “Money Maker 5%” for a New Member Savings account.

To name your Rivermark accounts, log into Online or Mobile Banking and find the Name Account option. You can also set up automatic recurring transfers by clicking Transfers.